10th Anniversary Burton Automotive KING of the BOX confirmed

For the last 10 years Box Beach, in the picturesque surrounds of Port Stephens in NSW, has played host to some of Australia’s best surfers.

The KING of the BOX is a unique surfing contest that will attract more than 90 of Australia’s best to the infamous wedging lefthander. 

Contest director Teza McKenna explains the concept.

It’s one of the most unique wedges in the world that breaks super close to shore. It’s always a great weekend at the KING of the BOX,” said Teza.

It’s a natural amphitheater with a punchy left-hand wedge that is suited to deep tubes and huge airsand the fun doesn’t stop on the beach with a huge night planned to celebrate the milestone at the Country Club Hotel” he added.

The event has seven divisions:

  • Open Men                           $2000 prizemoney       24 positions
  • Junior Men                         $500 prizemoney  16 positions
  • Junior girls                          $500 prizemoney  8 positions
  • Open Women                      $2000 prizemoney       12 positions
  • Legends                      Prizes only            16 positions
  • Cadet boys                          Prizes only            8 positions
  • Cadet girls                     Prizes only            8 positions

Over the past 10 years the event has used an innovative format, utilizing a two-week waiting period to ensure the best possible conditions.

The two dates selected for the contest in 20221 are:

  1. October 23/23
  2. October 30/31

Organizers will call the event “ON” the Tuesday afternoon prior to the first weekend once it’s established that the correct amount of swell will be available on that weekend.

Entry forms are available online and filling fast here

The 2021 Burton Automotive KING of the BOX is proudly presented by the Shoal Bay Country Club along with AZONE projects

Supporting sponsors HV aluminum, ZigFin, Adrenaline

Product sponsors FK Surf, LIIVE, Surf Mud, Another Sunrise

All enquiries call Teza 0401023661